• Brief Introduction
 • History
 • Directors
 • Address from the Director
 • Administration
 • Contact
 • Qinghai-Tibetan Platea...
 • The Analytical Testing...
 • Acta Theriologica Sinica
 • Chinese Academy of Sci...
 • Acta Theriologica Sinica



Qinghai Provincial Key Laboratory of Cold Regions Restoration Ecology made new progress on study of Microbi...  (12-20-2019)
Small Mammal Population Regulation and Biological Control Group made progress in study of Regulation of roo...  (11-27-2019)
Animal Evolutionary Adaptation and Conservation of Endangered Species Group made new progress in Study on s...  (11-27-2019)
Animal Evolutionary Adaptation and Conservation of Endangered Species Group made progress in study of intes...  (11-26-2019)
Qinghai Provincial Key Laboratory of Cold Regions Restoration Ecology made new progress on study of biomass...  (11-26-2019)
 ♦ The 29th Graduate Academic Forum (07-12-2019) 
 ♦ Academic exchange meeting of the Qinghai Provincial Key Laboratory of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Biological Resource (07-12-2019) 
 ♦ Ecological protection and adaptive management academic seminar of Three-River-Sourse National park & 2019 annual meeting of Qinghai ecological society (07-10-2019) 
 ♦ The 28th Graduate Academic Forum (06-16-2019) 
 ♦ The 25th Graduate Academic Forum (01-02-2019) 
 ♦ 07/09/2018: Tree Thinking Shaping Studies on Cynipoidea Wasp Evolution in Three Decades (07-04-2018) 
 ♦ 05/02/2018: Academic report (05-02-2018) 
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Add: 23# Xinning Lu, Xining, Qinghai, China 810008
Tel: +86-971-6143530 Fax: +86-971-6143282
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